Former Members of Parliament decided almost 30 years ago that there was merit in having a vehicle for continuing fellowship after their time in Canberra.

Many people who leave the Parliament for whatever reason have mixed feelings about politics and the experience of having been “a Rooster and so quickly a Feather Duster”. Some never want to see Canberra again.

However, as time passes it seems that many miss the camaraderie they experienced in Australia’s most exclusive “club” and value the opportunity of mixing with people of all political outlooks in a nonpartisan manner.

AFMPA has a structured two day annual get together in Canberra each year, supports a Journal that is produced quarterly, has Chapters in each state that are variously active. Every third year the Association holds a Memorial Service in the Great Hall for past Members and Senators who have died since the last Service to which surviving family members are encouraged to attend. It is moving and hugely appreciated.

The Association also acts as a spokesperson/lobbyist to protect entitlements and privileges of former members of Parliament.

Membership of the National Committee informally draws on former members of the various political philosophies and opinions.

In 2015 a group travelled at their own expense to Singapore in an exercise of “soft diplomacy”. In 2016 an equally successful visit was made to China.

This website is being constructed and the creation of a Former Members and Senators lapel pin is in hand.
Former members and their partners are entitled to have a distinctive security pass for use in Parliament House and are welcome in State Parliaments.

An annual subscription is payable and a small office is maintained in Parliament House with an Executive Officer supported by a small honorarium who is always available to assist Former members and Senators, as are all National Committee members.

The President of the Senate and Speaker of the House welcome Members to their Question Time.